THE big interview of the week took place last night as entertainments writer Viv Hardwick quizzed showbiz legend Sooty.

Viv spoke to Sooty ahead of his North-East appearances at Consett’s Empire Theatre on August 2 and Billingham Forum on September 14.

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We asked our readers to suggest questions to put to Sooty – and these were our favourites:

Peter, from Middlesbrough, asks: Your relationship with Sue goes back a long way. Has it ever developed into a romance?

David, from Teesdale, asks: What’s the funniest thing you have ever whispered into Richard’s ear?

Paul, from Darlington, asks: What is Sweep’s most annoying habit? And has it ever made you want to hit him with your wand?

Noel, from Darlington, asks: Do you ever wish you had a louder voice?

Hannah, from Consett, asks: Do you like visiting the North-East of England – what’s the nicest thing about it?

Tracey, who had Sooty and Sweep puppets as a little girl, asks: How do you stay looking so young?

Nigel, of Darlington: If you hadn’t been an entertainer, what would you have done with your life?