SCHOOLCHILDREN wrote to thank County Hall officials who answered their pleas for help to slow down traffic outside their school.

Pupils in Class One at Nettlesworth Primary School, near Chester-le-Street, wrote to Durham County Council with their concerns about the speed of passing vehicles.

Highways engineers took a look at the problem and came up with new road markings and signs that encourage drivers to slow down.

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The council’s road safety team also promised to consider pupils’ request for a new school crossing patrol.

In response, the youngsters sent thank-you letters to traffic engineer David Battensby, who dealt with the issue, and were able to watch as workmen painted the Dragon’s Teeth-style road marking, which also reads SLOW.

John Reed, Durham County Council’s head of technical services, said: “It is always pleasing to be able to provide measures to improve road safety for children.

“We are grateful to the children of class one who were very helpful in highlighting their main concerns.

“Our traffic engineer was able to identify some measures which we hope will help make the road environment safer for the children. “Hopefully, motorists will also do their bit by reducing their speed and driving carefully past the school.”