A POLICE summer safety message – to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking – momentarily became confused when they briefly appeared to be advising the public to engage in more drinking.

North Yorkshire Police’s Less Drinking, More Thinking campaign to curb alcohol abuse over summer briefly became lost when the force sent out a press release advertising the fact it had produced a series of Less Thinking, More Drinking videos.

The error was quickly spotted and the offending press release amended.

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North Yorkshire Police have joined forces with other emergency workers to encourage people to think about how much they are drinking in situations which hold potential risk.

The videos feature police officers, fire officers and an accident and emergency consultant talking about the dangers excess drink.

The key messages of the campaign involve urging people never to drink and drive, stay safe around water, and not letting alcohol result in domestic abuse in the home. It also reminds people to think about getting home safely if they have been drinking and reminds people not to leave their homes open to thieves if they have been partying in the sun.

For more information about the summer safety campaign visit www.northyorkshire.police.uk/summer