A PRE-SCHOOL in Gainford has maintained its good Ofsted rating.

The inspectors visited St Osmund’s pre-school last month (JUNE), where they found that children develop confidence and independence, make good progress in all areas of learning and development and that their care and learning are promoted well.

They praised staff for having a strong understanding of children’s starting points and interests and found the quality of teaching to be good, with a wide range of stimulating resources and effective support.

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They highlighted the good partnerships with parents, carers and other agencies involved in the children’s developmental journey and praised the way staff sensitively helped children settle into the facility.

Sharon Meads, pre-school leader, said: “We are thrilled with this latest rating.

“It shows we have a proven track record of maintaining a high quality of care for the youngsters we look after.”

Julie Semple, chairwoman, added: “All of our staff are highly qualified and dedicated to the youngsters, so this result is a great reflection on both their hard work and obviously enjoyment of being with young children.

“We are really pleased.”

The pre-school has been based in Gainford for more than 40 years and has three full-time staff who care for up to 20 children per session, aged two and above.

Places are still available for September.

For information, visit stosmundspreschool.co.uk.