A SCHOOL has opened its own nursery after a headteacher claimed children were finding it harder to settle if they arrived at an older age.

The new nursery at Hartside Primary School in Crook will take children from the age of three and offers wrap around care including breakfast club and after school groups.

Headteacher Shawn Laws said the move came about after requests from parents and said it would help the children arriving at the school.

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He said: “We have found that the children in early years were struggling with the transition into the school.

“They were not making the progress they were capable of because of the amount of time it was taking to get them acclimatised to the school.

“By coming into the nursery at a younger age they have more time to get to know the school, staff and each other, which will lead to a quicker transition when they move up through the years.”

Mr Laws said the 26 places for the next academic year in the nursery have already been filled but there is a waiting list which parents are encouraged to join.

And placements are already being sorted out for future years.

Mr Laws said the nursery is already proving a popular addition to the school.

He said: “It is fantastic to hear the younger children enjoying the nursery, it has really brought the place alive.”

The nursery was officially opened on Friday with a fun day for the children and a chance for parents to have a look around.

For more information on the nursery or placements, contact Hartside Primary School on 01388-766686 or visit hartsideprimary.org.uk.