PLAY equipment removed from Spennymoor on health and safety grounds could be restored after residents complained the area is now being blighted by dog waste.

Spennymoor Town Council removed the play equipment from the Clyde Terrace play area in 2012 after it was deemed to be unsafe.

Earlier this year, the council decided to consult residents on the future of the land.

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Many residents on streets near the play area, including Clyde Terrace, Whitworth Terrace and Windsor Avenue, complained about the site.

More than 60 residents have signed a petition criticising the amount of dog dirt on the land since the play equipment was removed.

Some homeowners also stated that youths gather on the land and intimidate them.

In a statement to the town council, the residents said “After speaking to a number of residents it seemed that they were really keen for the play equipment to be re-instated.

“At the moment it is a large wasted space in a lovely area and it is only being used as a dog waste facility.

“We feel that a play park is much needed in this area. Even the older residents were keen for this as they have grandchildren and relatives that visit.

“As well as a safe area in which our children can play, a play area also promotes socialising skills and health and fitness.”

At a recent meeting, the town council agreed to consider relocating the play equipment in the Clyde Terrace area.

The authority is in the process of consulting on costings for the project to see if it is a viable option. No date for any potential work has yet been decided.

Councillor Ian Geldard, leader of the town council, said: “Since the play equipment was removed the area has just been used as a field.

“We went out to consultation to the residents in April and it was brought to the council’s attention that the residents wanted the equipment reinstated.

“We received 60 replies and it was a very good response. We also got 13 letters in support of the scheme and the councillors were really pleased with the response.

“There had been complaints about dog dirt in the area and also about local teenagers hanging around causing intimidation.

“The council is happy to look into the matter to see if it can resolve it for residents.”

Two residents from the area round the Clyde Terrace play area did respond to the town council saying they did not the play equipment there again.