A MAN who carried out a “gratuitous and sustained” physical and sexual attack on a woman was jailed for ten years and six months.

Shaun Anthony Brian Jackson carried out the prolonged attack over several hours while heavily under the influence of alcohol.

Durham Crown Court heard that he not only repeatedly physically assaulted the victim, but he also degraded her and orally raped her at a time she was blood-soaked from the earlier attack.

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The woman, who was said to have genuinely feared she was going to be killed, was only able to escape as Jackson had to attend a pre-arranged appointment.

Jackson, 46, of Huntsgarth, Sunnybrow, near Willington, admitted unlawful and malicious wounding, plus rape.

The court heard the offences took place between February 8 and 9 this year, at a time the victim was only just coming terms with a family bereavement.

Rupert Doswell, prosecuting, told the court the incident arose after she agreed to meet him at a town centre cafe, described as a “safe public place”, as she was aware he has committed previous offences of violence on women.

He added: “But, he behaved like a perfect gentleman and asked to go back to her house, so she agreed.”

Mr Doswell said the woman told Jackson of the recent family funeral and he remained “pleasant”, but the following day he decided to have a drink.

“He returned with a case of beer from a shop and made several more visits to buy more alcohol during the day, including vodka and coke, some of which she drank.

“But the more he drank the more irritable he became. She described his eyes bulging as he became more angry.”

Mr Doswell said the violence began when he head butted the woman, followed by kicks and punches, and culminated in the rape, after he poured alcohol on her wounds and urinated on the terrified victim.

It was only after Jackson left the house for an appointment some days later that she was able to call police.

She was admitted to hospital for treatment for multiple injuries, including lacerations, bruising and swellings to her jaw and forearm, although there were no fractures.

Police intercepted a bus they knew Jackson was travelling on, and he was arrested, largely making no comment when interviewed.

Mr Doswell said since the attack the victim has suffered nightmares and flashbacks.

She fears he will seek her out to attack her when he is eventually released.

Mark Styles, for Jackson, told the court: “There’s not a huge amount to be said on his behalf in the circumstances.

“Unfortunately, he lost his temper, he says because she had been using amphetamines.

“The tragedy of it is that it took place after a period of considerable stability.”

Jailing Jackson, Recorder Tahir Khan told him: “You used wholly gratuitous violence and forced the woman to perform oral sex on you, made all the more painful by the injuries you inflicted.

“It was sustained violence and prolonged detention which clearly left the victim petrified.”

Jackson was made subject of a sexual offences prevention order, “until further notice”, and must sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.