AN exhibition of art will show how it influences everything from archaeology to architecture.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, from the seemingly mundane to the totally abstract, will feature in Create, an exhibition at Northallerton College.

The culmination of a year’s work, the event will showcase the creative talents of more than 200 students.

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Artwork will range from sculptures of dogs, by a student interested in veterinary sciences who has used the subject to study anatomy, to horses by a pupil with a passion for anything equine.

For Emma Wilson, 16, of Northallerton, the event is a chance to show off her portraiture and abstract installations.

“Art has been great for me because the brief is so wide ranging,” she said. “I am interested in archaeology and will be able to use the artistic skills I have developed at Northallerton College to make artistic representations of ancient artefacts.”

Art teacher Ian Ord said: “Art influences so many careers.

“We have students going on to study fine art but also fashion, design, architecture and art helps push them out of their comfort zone and makes them aspire to the next challenge.”

Doors will be open from 4pm to 7pm on June 30.