CHILDREN on an immune system-boosting trip to Northallerton from Chernobyl have enjoyed a community event hosted by North Yorkshire Police.

Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) Northallerton charity brought visiting children to the event today (Tuesday, June 17) at Northallerton Rugby Club, where they were able to sit inside a police helicopter, see police dogs in action and meet members of the emergency services.

Linda Spence from FOCC said: “The children have had a wonderful time.

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“We have had the sirens going off on the police vehicles and they have been enjoying a display by the police dogs.

“We have 12 children staying with us this year from Mogilev in Belarus and so far it is going very well – they will be with us for four weeks in order to give their immune systems a chance to improve.”

The event was also open to members of the public and local schools in the area.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also at the event along with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and North Yorkshire County Council.

Inspector Chris Galley said: “The day was a fun and exciting event, providing an interesting glimpse into the work of the emergency services.”

The children, who are aged between 8 and 13, are still affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986, which has contaminated their food and water.

They live in conditions that often make it difficult for them to get the care they need at home and visit Northallerton for four weeks each year to boost their immune systems and for medical care.