A POPULAR skate park which been linked with a fall in antisocial behaviour is appealing for volunteers to help run it.

More than 75 young people attended a skateboarding, BMX and scooter competition run by Sk8 Safe, with music provided by Vibration Hi F, at Thirsk8 park in Gravel Hole Lane, Sowerby, near Thirsk, ahead of its second anniversary.

Danny Heron landed the BMX title, Danny Jones won the skateboard contest, while Jake Waller and George Petts won the scooter competitions.

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The next Sk8 Jam will be held on July 19, from noon to 3pm, where a pair of tickets to Leeds Festival worth £400 will be offered for the best trick.

Hambleton District Council leader and Sowerby councillor Mark Robson said the vast majority of residents who were against the £157,000 park being sited on the edge of the village now say it had turned out better than they expected.

He said: “The parish council was also totally against the skate park being sited where it is, but we got this one wrong.

“There are some very good activities, we have had no complaints about antisocial behaviour and it is well run and well managed.

“The skate park has given certain individuals something to do and focus on.”

He added the park needed volunteers to open and close it and ensure it remains safe.

For details, call 01609-767149 or email lisa.wilson@hambleton.gov.uk