A HOLOCAUST survivor shared her war time experiences with North-East teenagers.

Pupils at Hummersknott Academy, Darlington, were left moved by the testimony of Eva Clarke, who was born in a concentration camp.

Mrs Clarke spoke to students about her family’s experiences during the Second World War, sharing with them her extraordinary birth story.

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She was born in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp, in Austria, just three days it was liberated by the American army.

Prior to her birth, her mother had been a prisoner in Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 15 members of her family perished.

Mrs Clarke and her mother were the only family members to survive the atrocities of the war.

Victoria Brown, the school’s head of citizenship and organiser of the event, said an awareness of past atrocities is important for students.

She added: “We are extremely lucky to have Eva share her first hand experiences of the Holocaust with us.

“Her personal story has brought this tragic event alive, we think it is important that all generations learn the lessons of history.”

Mrs Clarke’s visit was facilitated with the assistance of the Holocaust Educational Trust.