CHILDREN at a village primary school run, leap and cartwheel their way out of class every Friday - but not because they are desperate to see the back of the school week.

Instead, year six pupils at Fishburn Primary School are keen to get to an afterschool club which has proved a big hit with the ten and 11-year-olds.

Weekly freerunning sessions give youngsters a chance to explore the phenomenon of using acrobatic moves to get from A to B.

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It was introduced to the school by deputy head John Stubbins, who developed an interest in the craze when he lived and worked in France where it originated.

In place of buildings, benches and steps that freerunners would use in a city, the school uses obstacles, beams and foam shapes to construct an interesting but safe environment for children to use gymnastic moves to get around.

Freerunning films played on a big screen and music add to the fun.

Mr Stubbins said: “It is about moving from one point to another in a creative way, it is generally done in an urban setting where there are risks but they can do it safely in school.

“We always start with moves on the gym floor, we say don’t try if you cannot do it there, then it is up to the children to explore their bodies and movement.

“They tumble, roll, leap, jump and flip- all really gymnastic movement which children absolutely adore.

“We were going to do it for one term but they loved it so much, we’re at the end of the second term now and pupils in years four and five are interested.

“It is really good fun, very healthy and amazing to see how much their confidence and skills have increased.”