A GOOD Samaritan moved a Darlington pensioner to tears - by returning his lost wallet.

Thomas Nicholson, 86, returned home from shopping last week to find his wallet – containing almost £200, his driving licence, bus pass and bank cards - missing.

A distraught Mr Nicholson returned to the town centre to retrace his steps but there was no sign of the wallet.

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Fearing he would not see it again, he was astonished when next day the wallet – and its contents - arrived in the post together with a note.

It said: “I found your wallet in the car park behind the art shop. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to drop it off at the police station so I’ve posted it instead.

“I hope you don’t mind but I used a £20 note to pay for the envelope and stamp as I had no cash – the change is inside the wallet.

“Enjoy the rest of your week, Jake.”

Mr Nicholson said: “I saw the big envelope and thought it was something nice for our diamond wedding anniversary which was two days before.

“I opened it and all these coins fell out along with my wallet and the note.

“It made me feel really good. It put the world to rights and made me think they’re not all bad out there.

“It was very emotional getting it back and I have no idea who Jake is but if he came forward I’d like to thank him very much.”