A CHARITY is calling on North-East women to be more aware of the symptoms of a bleeding disorder which affects thousands.

The Haemophilia Society is encouraging everyone to get ‘Talking Red’ during the first awareness week, launching on Saturday June 14.

Events including Paint it RED, and Red Knickers Night will be staged across the UK to encourage people to be bold about bleeding.

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The bleeding disorder von Willebrand’s is the most common in women. Symptoms include frequent and heavy periods, bruising easily, frequent or heavy nosebleeds, bleeding heavily after surgery, prolonged bleeding after a dental procedure or abnormal bleeding after childbirth.

Most recent figures show that 1,039 women are being treated for the condition in the North-East but it is thought that many more are unaware that they have the condition.

Chief Executive of The Haemophilia Society, Liz Carroll, said: “There are tens of thousands of women in the UK currently living with a bleeding disorder without knowing. For many, this is because they think their symptoms are normal so they don’t seek help. Our message is don’t be embarrassed to talk about bleeding; the more we talk, the more informed women will be, and that can only help the thousands that are currently suffering in silence.”

Many are suffering needlessly as there is effective treatment available.

The Talking Red campaign is supported by Grifols and CSL Behring, who make bleeding disorders medicines. Visit talkingred.org for more information.