A LIFE-SIZED dolphin sculpture painted by an artist in North Yorkshire is to form part of an open-air art exhibition.

The artwork by Loz Atkinson, will take its place on a trail of 50 dolphin sculptures, each one of which has been decorated by a leading artist or designer, due to go on show throughout Aberdeen this summer.

They will be placed at locations across the Scottish city from Monday, June 23 until Friday, August 29 as part of a new citywide trail of painted sculptures.

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The piece was painted at her parents’ home in Northallerton, as it was too large to fit in her Leicester studio.

The 29-year-old artist, a former student at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, in Darlington, said: “My design takes inspiration from the constellation delphinus.

“The dramatic design, which will be hand painted, shows a nebula laden sky and will be littered with sparkling stars over which the constellation of the dolphin is made apparent.

“The dolphin will literally sparkle as a fine glitter spray will be used to make the sculpture really stand out and connect the stars with the shimmering of the actual animal in the ocean.”

The sculptures will be sold in a live auction, with money raised going to the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the ARCHIE Foundation, a charity which supports sick children at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.