HOW to rebuild trust in the banking industry will be discussed in a public debate later this month (Wednesday, June 18).

Durham University’s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience and the Global Policy journal will stage the forum, which will also debate how financial crime should be tackled, at Hatfield College, North Bailey, Durham, on Wednesday, June 18, at 6pm.

The guests will include Professor Timothy Clark, Dr Eva-Maria Nag, historian Prof Ranald Michie and criminologist Prof David Wall.

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Prof Michie said: “The collapse of Northern Rock in the North-East and other British banks destroyed the reputation of trust that they had built up over the past 150 years.

“What needs to be considered are the lessons to be learnt from the financial crisis so that reputation of trust can be restored.”

Entry is free and open to all. To register, email; and to submit a question, email

Food and drinks will be provided.