DEMONSTRATIONS of strength have been on show in the North-East over the weekend.

The Yorkshire and North-East Classic Benchpress Championships were held at The Boathouse on Green Lane, Durham, on Saturday.

Almost 30 lifters, men and women, aged 17 to 70, took part and they travelled from areas including Morpeth, Consett, Bishop Auckland, Teesside, Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster.

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The promoters of the event, Durham Powerlifters, is a group of 14 who are also members of the rowing club based at The Boathouse.

Jim Dulling, chairman of Durham Powerlifters, said: “The Durham competition is a showcase event and attracts a substantial following.

“We are running a number of courses that aim to introduce power lifting to all who have an interest at the Durham rowing club.

“It also has local support from North-East sculptor James Anderson, who has established himself as a talented artist and specialises in the use of mechanical parts being fashioned into stimulating sculptures.

"His background of agricultural engineering and his welding skills are being put to good use in his production of the competition trophies for the best lifter.”

The winner was Lee Mortimer, from West Yorkshire, second was Roman Adamski, from Sheffield and third was Slawek Kochan from Durham.

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