NORTH-East comedian Chris Ramsey caused an internet sensation last night when he managed to get a pizza delivered to a train.

The South Shields born comedian, star of BBC2’s Hebburn, was travelling on East Coast trains from London Kings Cross to Newcastle when he came up with the idea.

Creating the Twitter hashtag #pizzaonatrain, Ramsey, username @IAmChrisRamsey and who has 290,000 followers, challenged some of the best names in the pizza game to deliver him a pizza before he stepped off his train at Newcastle Central Station.

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After a while, Domino’s responded to his call and promised to deliver a medium pizza with jalapenos and green peppers to his train as it pulled in to Doncaster station.

Shortly before 9.30pm he tweeted: “This will be the tensest hour and twenty minutes of my life. I feel like Jack Bauer! *CLANK CLANK, CLANK CLANK, CLANK CLANK* #pizzaonatrain”

As the plan swung into action other celebrities tweeted their approval.

Fellow South Shields comedian Sarah Millican wrote: “Good luck!! We’re rooting for you!”

While panel show regular and Peepshow star David Mitchell tweeted: “Hope the pizza plan works out. It could transform the rail network.”

By 10.40pm #pizzaonatrain was the biggest trending topic on Twitter with 498 people favouriting it and a further 199 retweeting.

The pressure was clearly getting to the comedian as he wrote: “#PizzaOnATrain trending number 1 worldwide... This is terrifying How can I eat with this many people watching? What if it goes on me chin?”

At 10.44pm the pizzaman had delivered and a delighted Ramsey posed for a picture with his prize and the man who got it to him. 

A second photo confirming he had managed to reboard the train was favourited more than 4,300 times and retweeted almost 3,400 times.

Mission accomplished, he announced his next challenge would be to take #pizzaonatrain to the next level: “#pizzaonaplane.”