ANGRY pensioners have hit out at BT after being left without a phone line for almost seven weeks.

Residents in Miner’s Court, Chilton, said they were promised BT Openreach facilities when they moved into the properties in early April.

The seven pensioners, many of whom have moved from the nearby closed Rosewood Grange retirement home, have been forced to use mobile phones to reach family and in emergencies.

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Despite several phone calls to BT no firm date has been set for when the work will start.

Resident Margaret Clark, 80, said: “I’m angry and disgusted at the poor service. I moved in on April 10 and my order for the BT line was placed two weeks before that but I’ve received a phone call to say it will be fitted on June 4.

“Not having a landline makes me feel cut off. I have a mobile but as I’m partially deaf I can only use it to text.

“I’ve a daughter and grandson who help out. They’re always calling BT to try to get it sorted. It’ll be a relief when it’s done.”

Mary Storey, 81, added: “My mobile phone connection doesn’t always work. I feel cut off and trapped.”

Her son Ian, 56, an international tenor opera star, said: “These are elderly vulnerable people.

“I was singing in Frankfurt, in Germany, and I couldn’t get hold of my mother for over a week while I was away.

“It’s a complete and utter farce. I think it’s absolutely appalling that elderly people are treated in this way.

“I travel all over the world and not being able to contact your own mother in this day and age is absolutely appalling."

A BT spokesman apologised for the delay and said: "We have escalated the need for this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible.

"Concerns over the possible presence of high pressured gas or oil pipes through which the new underground cables will run have prevented engineers from starting work.”