A GROUP that helps people who suffer chronic pain appointed patrons from a local housing association.

Paul Fiddaman, chief executive of Chester-le-Street’s Cestria Community Housing, and Tracie Smith, Durham county councillor for Chester-le-Street North and a Cestria board member, were named patrons of MyPainFibro.

It was announced at a table top sale held last weekend (May 17) at Holyoake Communal Centre in South Pelaw, which raised more than £300 for the group.

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Tenant Angela Walker, 58, from Chester-le-Street set up MyPainFibro in September 2013 after 20 years with the debilitating condition, which causes pain throughout the body, extreme tiredness and loss of concentration.

Mr Fiddaman said: “It is an honour to become a patron of such an outstanding support group that helps others to get advice about Fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions.

“It has been great to see the charity grow after we helped them with funding and following our support of our tenant, Angela Walker, who has the condition.”

Cllr Smith, said: “I feel very honoured and proud to be a patron of MyPainFibro. There is a definite need for that kind of support group because there are a lot of people who are suffering and people don’t appreciate what they are going through.”

Cestria Community Housing helped to launch the support group with a £300 donation last year from its Community Fund.

The group, which is associated with the national charity Fibromyalgia Association UK, has more than 70 members online and 33 residents who are full members.

“I do admire that kind of group and I am committed to show my support.

“I find that Cestria is a fantastic organisation and what I really admire about Cestria is that they are out in their community. I have never come across an organisation that’s so heavily involved in their community before. “