HAIRDRESSERS from Spennymoor will host a ball in aid of a charity close to their hearts.

Clare Jackson, of Phab Hair and Beauty in the town, decided to support Diabetes UK after colleague Laura Robinson was diagnosed with type one diabetes two years ago.

Along with the rest of the salon staff, the pair hopes to raise about £1,500 for the charity and increase people’s understanding of the condition.

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In particular they are promoting Diabetes UK’s 4Ts campaign which highlights the main symptoms of tiredness, thirst, frequent trips to the toilet and getting thinner.

Spotting the symptoms and early diagnosis is important in order to start treatment and avoid life-threatening health condition diabetic ketoacidosis.

Miss Robinson, 21, from Spennymoor, said: “Before I was diagnosed I started to drink lots of water and I was losing lots of weight and some people told me I might have diabetes but I didn’t want to accept it.

“I was in denial, I let it go and go.

“I was so poorly when I finally got admitted to hospital I was verging on going into a coma.”

She now manages her condition with insulin injections.

Louise Simonian, regional fundraiser for Diabetes UK, said: “This is a fantastic fundraising effort by the girls and all the money raised will help Diabetes UK continue to tackle the challenge of diabetes on many fronts.”

The charity night at Spennymoor Town Hall on Saturday, June 7, will include a comedian, singer, disco, games and food and drink.

Tickets are £20 on 01388 814433.