A NORTH-EAST street was buzzing with just one topic of conversation when a swarm of bees came to visit.

Residents in Foxglove Close, Darlington, discovered the bees on Tuesday (May 20) evening.

No one was hurt, but householder Chris Smith said he would be keeping his two-year-old daughter and pet cats out of the street for a few days as a precaution.

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He added: "We did not notice the swarm at first, I finished work and came home as normal.

"Next thing you know, we were getting a knock at the door from a beekeeper.

"He reckoned there was a couple of hundred thousand bees, they came from nowhere.

"They put a hive on top of the wheelie bin and managed to capture the Queen.

"You hear about when one stings and they all go for it, but thankfully there was nothing like that."