THE family of a five-month-old baby who died three years ago are appealing for help in creating a lasting memorial for his loved ones to visit.

Relatives of Charlee Cameron Clark, from Gainford, County Durham, are aiming to raise £1,200 to buy a head stone for the grave of the much-loved baby boy, who died from head injuries, in March 2011.

Charlee’s father was convicted of his manslaughter last year.

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The baby’s mother, Natalie Holmes, and her family have launched a fundraising campaign to raise the money needed to buy the head stone and have created an online sponsorship page to collect donations from anyone willing to support their cause.

They have until Wednesday, June 11, to raise the amount.

Ms Holmes said she had been concerned about how to raise the money needed to buy the head stone for her son’s grave, which is located at Gainford cemetery.

She said: "When I go and visit Charlee, I talk to the flowers that we leave.

“I know he is not there, I know he is somewhere beautiful, but I want to see his name there so people know that he has a loving mother, sister and family and he belongs in someone’s heart.

“I want everyone to know that Charlee existed and he is loved.

“His memory lives on in my heart and through his little sister, who I want to be able to visit him in a place as beautiful as he was.”

Donations are being collected through a page set-up by Charlee’s aunt, Jessica Stephenson, on Just Giving’s Yimby site, where she states: “He is missed by so many and we would want it (the grave) perfect for his little sister and cousin to visit and talk to him.

“My son asks why Charlee hasn't got a head stone.

“I told him because they are expensive and his reply was that's not fair."

Ms Holmes added: “It is hard to live on what money I do get.

“I was worried about being able to raise the sort of cash needed to pay for a headstone until Jess told me about a site that can help.

“This seemed perfect and I can give money to it too.

“I hope that people will donate a little.”

To support the campaign, visit