PROPOSALS to change a council’s letting policy will be the subject of a public consultation.

Darlington Borough Council is proposing to make changes to the age of people who can apply for council-owned ground and first floor flats.

Current restrictions mean that the majority of first floor flats can only be let to those aged over 40 while those aged over 18 can apply for flats on the second floor.

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The council is now planning to simplify the process by allowing those aged over 18 to apply for ground and first floor flats.

The proposals outlined above will not affect the council’s sheltered housing or Extra Care schemes, where ground floor flats are let to those over 60 or people with a disability.

However, the council does plan to lower the age limit for such properties to 55.

The changes are being proposed in a bid to tackle increased demand for some flats and to address the shortage of property for younger people in Darlington.

The council is now seeking the views of Darlington residents on the proposals and is particularly keen to hear from tenants already living in flats.

A public meeting to discuss the potential changes will be held at the Central Hall in the Dolphin Centre on Wednesday, May 28.

A survey can be completed online by visiting before Friday May 30.