A FORMER serviceman with a talent for kite making has created a unique tribute to those who fought in the First World War.

To commemorate the centenary of the Great War, kite enthusiast Jock Walker, from Darlington, has dedicated his latest creation to armed forces personnel.

Made from 8.5ft of ripstop nylon, it is emblazoned with pictures of three medals awarded to his father, John Walker, and uncle, Bob Cruickshanks, for their service during the conflict.

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It also includes the message ‘honouring all those who served’, as a tribute to all soldiers who fought in the war.

The 80-year-old, who served in the RAF, said the kite took around six weeks to make.

“All my kites mean something. This one includes family history,” he said.

“All my kites are one-offs – you won’t find another one like them in the world."

He took up kite making around 25 years ago, and has shown his creations all over the country.

“I like the challenge of getting the idea in my head and trying to get it to work.

“I have always made things. If you can put materials together, like sewing or woodwork, you can make anything.”