A STUDENT inspired by the bravery of a terminally ill teenager is continuing his personal mission to spread happiness.

Marianna Kiosia, 19, has joined forces with friends of Stephen Sutton, the teenage cancer victim who has raised over £3.2m for charity.

Along with a team of her own friends, she will be handing out free hugs, high fives and handshakes on ‘National Good Gestures Day’ on Saturday, May 10, an idea that 19-year-old Stephen first conceived last year.

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The event will be held in Market Square, Sunderland, from 11am to 3pm, and anyone who would like to join in is welcome to take part.

Miss Kiosia said: “Everybody is so consumed in their own lives these days, but sometimes it’s good to just forget your worries and have a laugh.

“With this in mind, my team and I are organising this event which will involve giving random members of the public free high-fives, hugs, fist bumps and handshakes to put them in a good mood.”

The Wearside is one of ten events across the country organised by Stephen’s friends with the support of Fixers, the national charity which helps young people tackle any issue that matters to them.

Stephen, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 15, held the first Good Gestures Day with Fixers in Birmingham in November.

Miss Kiosia said: “Stephen is a true inspiration and a role model to people around the world.

“Hopefully we can make this event a success and make him proud.”