THE secretive yarn bombers have struck again.

But this time the Saltburn knitters did not create woolly likenesses of the Royal Family or Olympic heroes, but an ordinary family.

The mystery knitters created three figurines of members of the well-known Woodall family who have a building firm in the town.

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Matriarch of the Woodall family, June, claims to have no idea who has created the foot-high ‘mini-me’ figures of her husband, son and son-in-law and left them in a plastic bag outside the family’s Saltburn home.

The so-called Yarn bombers were featured in media across the country when stitched figures of Olympic athletes were placed on the Saltburn pier ahead of the 2012 London games.

Later Royal figures were knitted and displayed across the town. A knitted model of James Arthur, who won last year’s X Factor also made more than one appearance in the town.

Now members of the Woodall family, well-known for having a building business in the town, have been stitched up.

June Woodall said: “My son and son-in-law were going to work and I noticed a carrier bag left outside. I said to my daughter, ‘for goodness sake, someone’s dumping their rubbish,’ and she went to get it, to throw it in the bin.

“But she came in with these knitted figures. We took a look and couldn’t believe it, they were the double of my husband, Rick, son Rees and son-in-law, Ian (Davies).

“The details are incredible. It’s right down to their eye colour, one having light blue and one dark blue, their hair, shapes of their faces, even their shoes are right. They’re all dressed in their blue building uniform, even down to the WBS for Rick Woodall Building Services, and even have little pencils behind their ears and the pipes they carry, the lot.

“I honestly haven’t got a clue who has done it, it must be someone who knows us pretty well. The boys have got them in the van with them, they love them.”

Mrs Woodall explained her son, Rees, 29, was marrying his long-term fiancé Laura Mett at St Thomas’s in nearby New Marske on Friday.