HAPPYBIRD, a new low-cost tablet supplier, has said it is willing to offer 10,000 tablets on a free one month trial to up to 1,000 schools in the UK.

After one month, if the schools decide to keep the tablets, they will receive a complimentary training package to kick start their digital learning initiative.

CEO, Jackson Anni, says: “Tablets are not designed to replace teachers, but are a cost-effective way to assist them. The UK is woefully behind other countries like Norway and South Korea, who have already made significant investments in classroom technology”.

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The HappyBird tablet, which consists of a tablet, digital pen, and carry case, weighs 94 per cent less than the average schoolbag and provides students with access to millions of e-books and apps to help improve learning performance.

The product, which launched in the UK at the end of January this year, sold out in less than 72 hours.

Janet Johnson, a teaching assistant at St Luke’s Primary School in London, said: “With the tens of thousands of education and tutoring apps on HappyBird, teachers can foster interactive learning and tailor learning to an individual style instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.”

HappyBird is beginning to campaign for greater digital technology in schools on a national level, urging David Cameron to offer more support to UK schools. HappyBird calls upon the government to step in and make a national investment in tablet learning to guarantee UK children’s educational future.

In 2012, a study commissioned by Mencap revealed that 80 per cent of British adults could not spell common words like ‘necessary’ and ‘separate’ correctly, despite 76 per cent of people claiming to be competent spellers. Visit iamhappybird.com for more information. The offer is on a first come, first served basis.