IMAGES of dog poo on Richmondshire District Council's calendar left one local pensioner crying foul. However, the council is not the first local authority to take an innovative - and potenially offensive - approach to tackling the issue of owners failing to clean up after their pet.

Here are the top five council dog poo posters designed to kick pet owners into shape.

1. Bristol City Council

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The Northern Echo:

Bristol City Council was forced to defend a poster which appeared to show a young child with dog waste around her mouth. The advert featured a toddler at a playground with her hands and face covered in muck, accompanied by text warning that “children will put anything in their mouths”.









2. Hastings Borough Council

The Northern Echo:

Residents in Hastings claimed a borough council posters featuring the words "Have you got s*** for brains?", "We're not taking your s*** any more!" and "Sort your s*** out!" were "unnecessarily offensive".

3. Richmondshire District Council

The Northern Echo:

A calendar given away by Richmondshire District Council has fallen foul of local pensioner, 78-year-old Anne Simpson.









4. Sandwell Council

The Northern Echo:

Sandwell Council risked upsetting residents chiefs after it produced an anti-dog fouling poster which used the phrase "no s*** Sherlock" with a picture of dog in deerstalker hat next to a pile of dog mess.

5. Monmouthshire County Council

The Northern Echo:

Monmouthshire County Council decided to share funny pictures of dogs on social media to raise awareness of the problem of owners tying their dog’s mess in bags and then hanging the bags on trees.