A TRIPLE KILLER has received more than £800 compensation after personal belongings, including a set of nasal clippers, were broken while being transferred to another prison.

The settlement for Kevan Thakrar, who was serving three life sentences for killing drug dealers in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, in 2007, includes £500 because he has failed to receive an apology.

Thakrar sued prison chiefs for damaging his property when he was moved out of Frankland Prison, Durham, in 2010. The 27-year-old was being relocated after attacking three prison guards with a broken bottle.

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He valued his damaged property at just under £455 but said further items, including photographs and legal papers, were impossible to give a monetary value and added the incident had caused him stress.

So when the Ombudsman recommended he received £10, Thakrar was unhappy and pursued his claim for more money.

After examining the claim, District Judge Hickman awarded Thakrar £814.97.

In his judgment, he said: “It is Mr Thakrar’s property, not his liberty, with which I have to deal; but he is entitled not to be deprived of his property save by the due process of law, and that is not affected by the fact, as suggested in the report of the Prison and Probation Ombudsman, he is transferred following a serious incident which resulted in criminal charges.

He added: “The Ministry (of Justice) has steadfastly failed even to tender the grudging and belated apology which was recommended by the Ombudsman, and the Treasury Solicitor suggests that in the absence of a medical report I should not even infer that the loss of such items caused stress.

“I do not think I can properly take into account any difficulties which the loss or withholding of legal papers may have caused to Mr Thakrar's appeal. That would be an exercise in pure speculation.

“But looking at the loss of the photographs and other personal items the least sum I can properly award under this head is £500.”

Thakrar, speaking on the Facebook page Justice for Kevan Thakrar, said: “Although it may have been a few months late, (Justice Secretary Chris) Grayling paid up, showing contempt of court is something he will only try to get away with as long as he believes it is possible.

“It is a shame though. I was quite looking forward to the bailiffs going into the Ministry of Justice.”

Speaking to a national newspaper, Craig Wylde, 32, a prison officer who lost eight pints of blood after being stabbed by Thakrar, said the claim was laughable.

“It is just another case of the prisoner getting everything and the real victims getting nothing,” he said. “He is always trying it on. This is the sort of person he is.

“He has to complain about everything and thinks he’s a big man because he’s challenging the system. This latest claim will have cost thousands and thousands of taxpayers’ money. It is just totally pathetic.”

Thakrar attacked Mr Wylde, Neil Walker and Claire Lewis with a broken chilli bottle in Frankland Prison However, he was cleared of all charges after claiming to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by alleged beatings at another prison.

It was two months later, in February 2013, he launched his claim for compensation.

He alleged he lost £186.97 worth of property and had more than £224.97 damaged in transit or when he arrived at HMP Woodhill.

Thakrar, who is in Strangeways prison, Manchester, also claimed £43.07 after he failed to receive perishable goods, including a carton of cranberry juice and toiletries, he had in Frankland Prison.