ONE of Britain’s best-known peace campaigners has brought his anti-nuclear crusade to the North-East.

Veteran peace campaigner and retired Catholic priest, Bruce Kent, spoke to crowds at the Friends’ Meeting House, in Darlington, as part of his No Faith in Trident tour.

The 84-year-old highlighted the cost of Trident – Britain’s nuclear weapons system – as well as the legal and moral issues involved with nuclear weapons.

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He said: “It is about getting people all around the country active in opposing the spending of £100billion on more nuclear weapons, which could instead be spent on the NHS, good education and other services.

“We should be getting rid of nuclear weapons which make the country more dangerous, not safer.

“The thing that matters the most to me is when people go home after my talk and do something about it, like write to their local MP or newspaper.”

Mr Kent was chair and general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) throughout the 1980s, and was formerly chair of War on Want.

He remains an active anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner.