AN MP has got his hands dirty and filled in potholes on a long-neglected road in his constituency.

James Wharton, MP for Stockton South, worked with Eaglescliffe councillor Phil Dennis and two local peope to improve Railway Terrace, Eaglescliffe.

Coun Dennis arranged for Stockton Council to drop off four tons of road planings, the leftovers from other projects around the Borough.

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He then recruited Mr Wharton and volunteers Stefan Houghton, Laura Tunney and Natalie Sleeman to fill in the pot holes.

Coun Dennis said: “It had been left for far too long and something needed to be done. Having explored any number of possible solutions this at least delivers a better road surface for residents.”

Mr Wharton said: “I have had complaints about this road for years and we can never find a permanent solution. This is not as good as proper resurfacing but at least means the worst of the potholes are filled and will not damage residents’ cars.

"It was good of Stockton Council to drop off the scrap material so we could do this, I know from residents who came out to speak to us how appreciative many are.”