AN artificial limb expert faces being struck off - and also expelled from his role as a senior Freemason – after it was ruled that he bullied and sexually harassed colleagues.

The future of Benedict Doree’s career as a prosthetist is in doubt after a professional standards hearing in Middlesbrough ruled that he drove a car at a colleague, and told a female colleague to “ride that”, while unzipping his trousers and pointing to his crotch.

The former master of Acklam Masonic Lodge will also face an investigation by the Freemasons which will decide whether he has brought the organisation into disrepute and whether he should be expelled, a spokesman confirmed today (Sunday, April 13).

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A Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) hearing concluded that most of the allegations against Doree were proven and it will decide whether he is “fit to practice” by July.

Doree worked as a prosthetist for a private company based at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.

The allegations against him included:

  • Drove his car at a colleague walking in the car park, causing him to roll over the bonnet
  • Called “Colleague A” names and verbally abused him – including saying he had a photo of the man’s wife and making lewd comments
  • Sexually harassed a female member of staff, calling her crude names
  • Unzipped his trousers, lay on his back, and said “ride that baby” to a female staff member while thrusting his pelvis upwards
  • Opened his legs, pointed to his crotch and made a lewd comment to the same woman
  • Grabbed her head and thrust his pelvis towards her face on at least three occasions
  • Gestured behind her as she bent over, as if simulating sex
  • Discussed an 18-year-old’s birthday party with colleagues, gesturing with his hands as if mimicking a pair of breasts.

Other allegations found not proven by the panel were:

  • Taking a photo of a woman colleage while she was in a hoist sling with her legs apart during a demonstation 
  • Drove his car at a colleague who was cycling
  • Glared and made chicken noises at 'Colleague A'

Doree denied every allegation, saying they had all been made up.

The hearing was adjourned until July, when Doree, from Ingleby Barwick, near Stockton, will learn if he has been ruled unfit to practice.