FRED Dibnah’s widow has been promoting her poignant tribute to the nation’s favourite steeplejack at a North-East railway museum.

In 'A Cast-Iron Will', Shelia Dibnah reveals the story of her marriage and celebrates her late husband’s many achievements.

Mr Dibnah, who died of cancer in November 2004, aged 66, became a household name when his ability to demolish chimneys and passion for steam and vintage machinery were documented in a series of popular television shows.

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To mark the tenth anniversary of his death, Mrs Dibnah has written a tribute to her Bolton-born husband and, yesterday (Saturday, April 12), she attended a book signing event at Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon, County Durham.

“This is a very special place as it is the home of Fred’s favourite engine, the GNR Sterling single Number One,” said Mrs Dibnah, who married the Lancashire steeplejack in 1998.

“He used to call it the Patrick Sterling Single Wheeler.

“Fred always spoke very fondly of North-East – the people and its industrial heritage.”

In the book, Mrs Dibhah sheds light on everything from the couple’s first meeting in Bolton to the final, troubled days of her husband’s life when he cut her out of his will.

“This is not a kiss and tell, it is a sensitive tribute to ‘Our Fred,” she said. “It has been well received by his fans, which means a lot to me.”

A Cast-Iron Will is available at Locomotion, Waterstones and