SCHOOLCHILDREN have buried a time capsule for future pupils to dig up in 100 years time.

Youngsters at Esh Church of England Primary School in Esh Village, near Langley Park, helped bury the capsule today (Friday, April 4) which contains items representing 2014 school life.

Each class contributed an item for the capsule which contains photographs of the staff and children, everyday school items such as pencils and sharpeners, questions for future pupils and the kit worn by the football team when they were named runners-up at a national football tournament in London.

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The idea of the capsule was introduced by members of the school council and it will lie under an extension to be built on the school site.

Head teacher Roger Ward said: “The time capsule represents that we are very proud of our school and what a happy school it is for the pupils and staff who come here. We want to send that message from our pupils in 2014 to the pupils in 2114.”

“All of our pupils have been really engaged in the project. They are all interested in history and they have now created their own piece of history. I hope that the children who find the capsule in the future will continue the idea and bury their own capsule.”