A TEENAGE amputee who has beaten cancer twice has told of his relief after being terrified the disease had returned when doctors found spots on his lung.

Today (March 31) was three years to the day since Kieran Maxwell, from Heighington, near Darlington, had his left leg amputated at the knee.

He had earlier been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, which affects bones and soft tissue.

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Now 15, Kieran has fought the disease constantly since his diagnosis, undergoing hundreds of hours of treatment and physiotherapy with his prosthetic limb.

After a long period of remission, during which he carried the Olympic torch through Bishop Auckland and took part in numerous gymnastics competitions, he suffered a relapse last year.

He was told in December that he was in remission once more.

In a post on his Facebook page, the teenager revealed that despite the good news, doctors had also told him that he had two ‘spots’ on his lungs.

He wrote: “I was scared, felt as though I'd gone through everything and my cancer was still here.

“So my Mam, Dad and I pushed it to the back of our minds and got on with celebrating my little sister’s birthday and Christmas with the family.

“We had fun and I pushed that horrible feeling to the back of my mind.

“I was back at hospital the first week in January, things went well but we were again told they didn't know what the spots were and we would need to wait before I could have a scan.

“I was terrified, so I did what I do best and hid away from everyone.

“To cut a long story short, the spots haven't changed shape or size, according to the oncologist.

“We still have to wait for the radiographer’s report, but our oncologist is fantastic and not been wrong when he's given us results.

“It means I am officially in remission, the spots are stable and I am now going to start living my life again.

“For now, I've kicked cancer’s butt. I'm 15 and beaten cancer twice. It’s taken my leg and part of my lung, but I'm still a fighter and will carry on fighting.”

The post has received more than 550 likes on Kieran’s Facebook page.

Kieran is preparing to take part in the Children’s Cancer Run, at Newcastle Racecourse, on May 11.