PLANS for a new waste recycling centre for Richmondshire have been given the go ahead, despite objectors saying it is in the wrong place.

Local people and Brompton on Swale Parish Council protested that the new centre at Gatherley Road Industrial estate would devalue homes, was too close to residential areas and would cause noise and litter problems.

There is already an existing recycling centre half a mile down the road at Catterick Bridge.

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But North Yorkshire County Council’s Planning Committee was told that site was only running at 61 per cent capacity, the lowest in the county, because of size restrictions, there were security problems and it would cost too much to extend it.

Members were told the area is a former landfill site and engineering works would cost more than £1m.

The application was made on behalf of the county council’s own waste management department.

Councillors were told the new site would deal with 4,000 tonnes of municipal, commercial and industrial waste a year, rising to 5,000 tonnes. The vast majority of it would be brought by members of the public.

Objectors warned Gatherley Road was already busy and there were concerns about opening hours, with no respite from work at the industrial estate, litter escaping from the site, noise and security and anti-social behaviour problems.

They said there had already been problems at the existing recycling centre and, while the A1 upgrade was expected to lead to a quieter Gatherley Road, that would not happen.

Parish council members said they were not satisfied that the site was appropriate, and it was not in a central location to meet the requirements of the Richmondshire District.

Coun Carl Les told members of North Yorkshire County Council’s planning committee: ”They are not nimbys. The parish council has supported many developments, including the industrial estate, and they are not anti-recycling. The concern is, is this the right position?”

Ashley Stratford, consultant, said: ”This is in a central location and is screened to the north and the south.

"It is the county council’s strategy for waste recycling to serve 70,000 residents within a travelling distance of 20 minutes.”