AN application for permission to build a multi-store car park on the edge of Darlington town centre has been submitted to planners.

Darlington Borough Council has proposed to build the 660 space car park on the existing Beaumont Street car park to provide replacement parking when the cinema and leisure development planned for the Feethams car park is built later this year.

In its supporting documents the council submitted to its planning department, officers stated that the primary objectives of the multi-storey were to provide a high quality parking environment in a building that is in keeping with its surroundings.

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The statement also includes a commitment to provide safe and direct pedestrian routes between the car park and the town centre and the Feethams development.

The council held a public consultation session on the multi-storey car park which saw 32 people attend, with seven leaving positive written comments about the scheme.

A letter was also sent to the council from the owners/occupiers of properties in Houndgate, which could be affected by an increase in traffic from vehicles leaving the car park.

The letter said: “We are concerned about the severe negative impact that the proposed development will have on this important entrance to Darlington town centre.

“The proposals do not take proper account of the setting of the historic and heritage assets of the town centre in this location. We also question the viability of these proposals and the legacy that it will leave should it fail.”

The application will be considered by the planning department and may go before the planning committee if there are any objections.