STUDENTS have been at the sharp end of preparations for an African adventure.

Darlington School of Mathematics and Science pupils were given yellow fever jabs in the run up to the academy’s first ever trip to the continent.

Twenty-one students and three staff received inoculations to protect them from infection during their 12-day trip to the impoverished community of Nakuru, three hours north west of Nairobi.

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Charis Bell, 14, said: “I have always wanted to visit Kenya to help people and I am getting really excited so this helped me overcome any fear of needles.”

The party will head out for Africa on June 28 on the life-changing adventure where they will work to improve conditions in the local community.

It is the first time such a trip has been organised in the history of the school, which has got behind the venture with students raising £34,000 towards the cost of the trip.

Trip organiser Natalie Bane said: “Excitement is growing by the day and I know the students have been researching what life is like in Kenya including appropriate clothing for the conditions which culturally won’t offend.”

Head boy James Alison added: “We are all excited but a bit nervous as we are not sure what to expect. It seems strange that the hotel we will be staying in will have Wi-Fi yet the villagers barely have running water.”

DSMS is planning a number of further fundraisers including bag packs, non-uniform days and is on the lookout for donations.