A WOMAN who has committed more than 250 offences and served time in prison admitted to stealing bacon upon her release.

Darlington Magistrates’ Court heard today (Thursday, March 20) that Marrianne Cullerton took five packs of bacon from Sainsbury’s on March 5.

She admitted the theft in court.

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Mitigating, Suzanne Hanson admitted that Cullerton was heavily convicted, with 257 offences to her name.

She said Cullerton had not long been released from prison when she stole the bacon because she needed to eat and had no money and no benefits in place.

The court heard that Cullerton, who usually stole alcohol, had been released from prison on licence after being given a 48 month sentence for previous offences.

Magistrates were told that the terms of her licence meant that she was already under heavy supervision from the probation service so would not benefit from a further supervision order.

Cullerton, of Victoria Road, was given a conditional discharge and told to pay £50 court costs and £15 compensation to Sainsbury’s.