THE second phase of superfast broadband in North Yorkshire is set to roll out with the start of a further £8 million worth of work.

North Yorkshire County Council is working with BT through a specially set up company NYnet which is investing millions in fibre technology to deliver superfast broadband to 90 per cent of residents and improvements for more remote areas. The aim is to complete the project by the end of 2017.

Chief Executive of NYnet, John Moore, told the council's executive committee that North Yorkshire was leading the country in the introduction of superfast broadband with 100,000 premises covered in the past year.

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He added that a satellite company had now contacted them to look at ways of reaching areas where fibre and wireless systems are unable to cover and a pilot scheme is expected.

But Coun. Arthur Barker said they were concerned for some areas struggling with broadband which are not even in the more remote areas.

Coun. Carl Les added: “It is a complicated subject. We always knew it was going to be good news for the 90 per cent that were going to get Superfast, we have tried to manage expectations and sometimes we have failed.

“The challenge for the remaining ten per cent was to do better than the miminum. We have likened this to the coming of the railway and now I see it being referred to as the fourth utility, and it is important that we finish the job.”