ANIMAL artist Aaminah Snowdon didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for her latest series of subjects – they were right on her doorstep.

For the 23-year-old works works at Olivia’s Artisan Bakery and Cafe in Northallerton – and is now creating portraits the creatures who supply the social enterprise with its local organic foodstuffs.

Aaminah, who lives in Romanby, is starting with the cows at Acorn Dairy near Darlington, which supply Olivia’s with butter, cream and milk.

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And she will also be visiting the animals at Taste Tradition in Thirsk, who supply meat, and the hens at Harry’s Eggs in Piercebridge near Darlington, which supply the eggs.

“I have always been interested in wildlife and animals and have developed a particular style which seems have found a niche and appeals to people,” said Aaminah.

“But I really enjoy meeting people and work part-time at Olivia’s, which uses organic and local suppliers. I thought what a good link it would be to use some of their animals as subjects for my next pieces of work.”

Some of Aaminah’s wildlife and animal pictures are currently on show at the café, as well as being exhibited at Handpicked Hall in Ripon and Skipton.

Her depiction of a fox has been entered for the prestigious David Shepherd Foundation annual Wildlife Artist competition.

Olivia’s manager Steve Hewitt said: “Aaminah’s work has been very popular and having a gallery helps keep the place buzzing and vital.”

Aaminah Snowdon’s work can be found at