SCORES of signatures have been collected on a petition objecting to proposals for 64 new houses in Barnard Castle.

The document, which contains 341 names, will be submitted to Durham County Council’s planning department on behalf of homeowners living near the five-acre site proposed for the development, off Green Lane, near Barnard Castle School.

Many residents attended a special Barnard Castle Town Council meeting yesterday (Monday, March 10) to voice concerns over the proposal.

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Town councillors also objected to the plans and urged unhappy residents to submit individual written objections to Durham County Council.

Concerns were raised that increased cars from the new estate would exacerbate problems with traffic that already exist  in the area.

Ecological issues were also discussed, along with fears over flood risks, lack of local employment opportunities and not enough provision for affordable housing within the development.

Councillor Thom Robinson said: “There is a drain which can take nine litres of water per second but the development would realise 9.5 litres per second.

“That leave 0.5 litres per second amiss. We need to see if the land can take it. Using a bit of common sense, it is not going to have very good permeability.”

Councillor John Blissett said: “More thought needs putting into the infrastructure of the place.

“Traffic is bad enough now but some of those 64 houses are going to have two cars, so that means upwards of 100 extra cars.

“There is going to be a lot more problems.”

Town clerk Michael King added: “The more people who individually write in response, rather than in groups of names and couples, the more weight it carries along with the town council’s response.”