A PRIVATE security firm which protects properties around Darlington is branching into tackling nuisance neighbours.

Sparta Security is launching a new initiative for residents plagued by neighbours displaying anti-social behaviour – everything from dogs constantly barking to regular all-night partying.

Managing director Francis Jones said: “The team responds to clients who have signed up for the initiative who will then liaise with residents to try and reach a compromise.

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“Sparta have invested in noise decibel readers which will be installed in random households that are affected by nuisance noise and information will be gathered which will then be passed onto authorities should problems persist.

“Sparta officers will act as mediators and all officers will carry CCTV and be in communications with police should confrontation occur.”

Patrol teams do not have any authority or special powers, other than training in conflict management.

The service started on Monday and will run for a trial period of six weeks.

Mr Jones, who has been labelled a vigilante in the past, said he approached Darlington Borough Council about the scheme, but his request to work in partnership on the initiative was rejected.

For more information, call 01325-253135, or visit spartasecuritynortheast.co.uk