CHILDREN at a small village primary school pressed the Foreign Secretary for his views on the turmoil in Ukraine.

Richmond MP William Hague answered a range of topical questions during a visit to Eppleby Forcett Primary School, near Richmond, which was recently rated as good, with outstanding safeguarding practices by Ofsted.

Headteacher Maxine Price said the 25 pupils at the school had expressed concerns about whether there could be a war, and Mr Hague, who has described the Ukrainian situation as “Europe’s biggest crisis in the 21st century”, answered all the children’s questions frankly.

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Mr Hague helped the infants class design a go-cart and watched presentations by the junior class about their favourite books.

She said: “'We are very proud of our wonderful small school and this afternoon proved what articulate and caring children we have.

“Mr Hague seemed delighted by the whole atmosphere and was particularly impressed with the children's singing.”