RESIDENTS say their previously quiet street is being ruined by construction traffic causing problems of noise, dirt, dust and parking.

Workmen in Durham City are currently building 220 student flats on the former Fred Henderson garage site and exclusive houses on the former Arriva bus depot and all construction vehicles for both projects must use Waddington Street for access.

Problems have been growing for the last six months, since work began.

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On Monday (March 3), a sewer pipe broke causing the road to collapse leaving a 4ft deep hole, locally dubbed the Big Void.

It was fixed by Wednesday morning but Jackie Levitas, who lives on Waddington Street, said: “It’s a complete nightmare here.

“My whole house shakes and my windows rattle when they’re working. I’m living at the back of my house.”

Steve Wakefield, manager of the Waddington Street mental health education resource centre, said he was concerned about the lorries using the road, parking and the impact on the environment.

“We’re near the (railway) viaduct so we’re used to rumblings, but not on the street.

“If things need to be done, they need to be done. But my concern is that for perhaps five years we’ll be on a building site.

“I don’t think people will stop coming to the centre but it could be a bit grim.”

Local county councillor Nigel Martin said: “I have a lot of sympathy for people on Waddington Street. They’ve had a pretty bad week.”

Residents also fear the problems they face would be complicated if proposals to turn the former County Hospital site nearby into digs for 440 students are approved.

Dave Wafer, Durham County Council’s strategic traffic manager, said: “Housebuilders are carrying out construction work and this has led to a temporary increase in traffic and some disruption.

“We appreciate the concerns of local residents and thank them for their patience while other developers are doing this.”