A MOTHER-OF-TWO who hit the gym after being urged by her doctor to improve her fitness has lifted the Britain’s Strongest Woman title.

Donna Moore, of Colburn, near Catterick, won three out of the six disciplines and was runner-up in the other challenges at the competition in Northampton, just four years after taking up the sport.

The competition involved 5ft 10ins Ms Moore lifting a 140kg axle bar, a 70kg axel from the floor to over her head as many times as possible in 75 seconds, pulling and pushing 120kg and carrying a 50kg beer keg for 20 metres before lifting it over her head.

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The climax of the contest saw the 33-year-old repeatedly flipping a 180kg tractor tyre, which is almost double her weight, and a final challenge called The Crucifix, which involves holding out 10kg kettlebells for as long as possible.

Ms Moore, who trains five times a week and eats up to 3,400 calories of protein-rich food a day, said: “It was a tough competition with some amazing competitors, and I am so happy to have achieved the title of Britains Strongest Woman in the open weight category.

“I am over the moon that all my hard work and training has paid off.”

She said her trainer, Olympic lifting instructor Tiff O’Kelly, and four times Britain’s Strongest Woman Gemma Magnusson, who runs the Powerburn studio in Topcliffe, near Thirsk, where Ms Moore trains, had provided her with a wealth of training and nutritional advice.

Mrs Magnusson said she expected Ms Moore's strength to peak in two years' time.

She said: “As soon as I first saw Donna lifting I was very excited as she showed so much promise.

“She has always been strong overhead, which is a massive benefit when you are strong in your shoulders.”

Ms Moore will now focus her training towards Wales Strongest Woman contest in June before challenging to become Europe’s Strongest Woman in July.

On Sunday, March 23, from 9.30am, she will be joined by Mrs Magnusson and four others in pulling a truck loaded with sandbags six miles from outside Tesco supermarket in Thirsk to the studio in Topcliffe while dressed as superheroes to raise funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.