WINTER floods of Biblical proportions had school children thinking about the ark as craftwork in the classroom took on a religious theme.

Children at Reid Street Primary School, in Darlington, spent the day looking at religion as part of an initiative designed do broaden their minds.

While some pupils constructed an ark, others made artefacts and key symbols including tiles with religious scenes and Stars of David.

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Older children examined the Torah, the Jewish holy book, as well as Hanukah candles and enjoyed a demonstration of religious dance.

RE co-ordinator Fiona Rankin said it was important that the children studied other religions as this promoted understanding and tolerance. The day would be followed up with a trip to a synagogue in Newcastle.

She said: “We look at all the major faiths and where possible bring people in to talk to the children as this brings the subject to life.

“This enriches the curriculum, broadens experiences and the students have been completely absorbed by the session.”