POLICE looking to tackle theft in Shildon have joined with youngsters to carry out a bike marking scheme at a primary school.

Pupils at Thornhill Primary School, on Thornhill Gardens, worked with the police today (Friday, February 14) as part of a fun session involving cycling activities.

The children also rode round cycling courses and they designed bike helmets.

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A school spokesman said: “I think it’s a good idea that the bikes are marked and the majority of children have brought their bikes in.

“A large number of the pupils have told us that they have suffered something been taken and we totally support the police on this.”

Shildon police marked more than 200 bikes at Thornhill during the event which forms part of Operation Spoke.

A police spokesman said: “We hope this will deter bike theft and where items are stolen we can reunite them with the lawful owner.

“Bikes are marked with key identifiers and the details of the bike are placed on a data base. We would encourage every bike owner to contact their local police station for this free service.”