EMERGENCY equipment that could save lives has been installed at a school thanks to the fundraising efforts of the local parents' association.

Ripon Grammar School has taken delivery of a defibrillator, which has been now been mounted in a locked cabinet on the outside wall of its sports hall.

Sixth form students and staff have been trained by Yorkshire Ambulance Service in how to use the equipment - but it is intended to be for the use of the whole community.

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Alison Reed, of the Grammar School Parents' Association, said the idea was suggested by a parent who is also a doctor.

"It came out of a conversation at one of our meetings and everyone agreed it was a good idea, especially since it's something for school but also a benefit for the whole local community," she said.

The head of leadership and learning with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said: "It's a critical piece of equipment.

“An ambulance will get to an emergency typically within eight minutes but in responding to a cardiac arrest literally every second counts.”

Anyone calling 999 in the local area can be directed to the defibrillator and given a code to unlock the cabinet, which is lit and heated. Full written, as well as verbal, instructions are provided.